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Safeguarding health, safety, security and environmental protection is a priority for us. In our HSSE Policy, we commit to preventing all accidents, injuries and occupational illness, and to protect the environment. We therefore continually optimize all of our subsidiaries’ activities with a view to technical, organizational and behavior-based safety and promote a proactive safety culture.

Health & Safety

Excellence in health and safety is an important value of our company. We aim to prevent all accidents, injuries and occupational illness. We are dedicated to harmonize company-wide internal regulations and be more stringent about establishing the use of the best available techniques.

  • Risk Assessment
  • Preventive Medical Care
  • Health & Safety on Business Trips
  • Fire Protection
  • Involvement in Associations

Security of Our Facilities

Each company has implemented adequate counter-measures to secure the security of our facilities in line with the local, individual security risks. The measures comprise fencing, camera surveillance, motion detectors and access-control systems.

Environmental Protection

Our activities impact the environment both directly and indirectly. We therefore want to make every effort to position ourselves as an environmentally friendly company within our business activities – a company that keeps its negative impact on the environment to an absolute minimum.

Labor Standards

Compliance with the standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO) is laid down in our binding Code of Conduct. Furthermore, we determine here that salaries shall be regulated based solely on qualifications, performance, and other work-related factors such as responsibility, skill, and experience.

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Equal Opportunity

We see diversity as a key to success, both in our lines of business and among our employees. We aim to further increase diversity within our company by employing both male and female employees from many different cultures.

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